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Sovremenny Class Destroyer Type 956
Trumpeter 1/200

By: Sean Hert

Here's a quick review of the new Trumpeter Sovremenny kit. I must first admit I have already started cleaning up the hull- there was a substantial mold line running down the center, some mismatch around the sonardome, and some nastiness near the prop shafts. Also, some of these pictures are quite large and/or unfocused.

The kit appears to have been initially designed to be motorized. The hull is ready, and looks like other Trumpeter kits in this manner (like the Moskva kit). The first page of the instruction book, also pertains to motorization. All the sprues are bagged, as is the PE. Decals are included with one of the bagged sprues, and have a sheet of protective yellow paper taped over them. There are decals to build 5 different Sovremenny's-pennant #'s 618, 684, 434, 755, and 430.

I'm relatively new to plastic ship modelling- well, serious modelling. I've been in R/C Warship Combat for years. So, excuse me if I make some mistakes!

The superstructure appears to have some nicely molded detail, particularly the vents on the stack.

The main complaint I have with this kit is no PE radars. There are both PE and molded options for the masts. It looks like the PE masts might not support all that goes on top- and the molded ones look a bit more scale. The radars though... see sprue "F"

Feel free to contact me with any questions- Sean Hert

The whole kit, plus the ship killing kitten, Sekmet. The kit has over 800 parts, and shafts for motorization
Top view of hull, showing the molded in fittings for motorization.
Port Side view of hull.
Evil mold lines around stuffing box. I increased the contrast on this pic to try and highlight the lines
Close up of the bow. I'm not sure what that ledge is- maybe the anchors will cover it up.
The decks, laid out. There may be some fit problems, but it doesn't look too bad. Unfortunately, the two part main deck breaks up the mine rails. You can see the influence of motorization options on the decks
20 page instruction book.
Sample instruction
Sprues "A" and "B". Superstructure
Sprues "C" and "D" More super, some ratlines.
Sprues "E" and "F" More super, the masts and radars. The radars provided are the Top Sail/Plate Steer. Trumpeter's other 1:200 Sovremenny kit, the type 956E (Chinese) has the MR-700A Fregat-MA/Top Plate-B 3-D radars included.
Sprues "G" and "H"
Two of sprue "I". The AK 130mm guns look pretty good, as do the missile tubes. They can be molded open, and there is a complete missile for each tube.
Two of sprue "J". All the various and sundry fittings, rafts, etc
Two of sprue "K". Rudders, bilge keels, deck fittings, etc
Sprue "L". Molded in clear styrene, here's a picture of the Ka-27 Helix ASW helo included. The 956E kit has a different Helo included. The picture is poor, the Helix seems good.
The ubiquitous stand.
The decal sheet. The white decals are incredibly hard to see, so I held the sheet up to a light.
And, finally, what everyone wants to see. The Photo Etch:

There are two sets of railings included- only one is pictured. The railings for the helipad deck look much nicer than the styrene one, as do the yardarms.
Box art- top view
Box Art- starboard view.