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Building the Edmund Fitzgerald ISW 1/350 - Michael Taylor
HMS Abdiel Scratchbuilt in 1/192 - Steve Sobieralski
HMS Barham sinking - Max Cosby
HMS Belfast - Building the Airfix 1/600 kit - Keith Butterley
HMS Glowworm- North Atlantic 1939 Airfix 1/600 -Max Cosby
HMS Invincible 1982 Scratchbuild in 1/700 - Lindsay Charman
HMS Onslow Tamiya 1/700 - Shane Jenkins
HMS Onslow & HMS Pakenham in 1/700 - Keith Butterley
IJN Hosho and her aircraft - Dan Jones
IJN Ise/Hyuga BBCV - Dan Jones
IJN Katori Class Training ships - Dan Jones
IJN Kumano and Suzuya - Mogami Class Cuisers - Dan Jones
IJN Kumano Tamiya 1/700 - Shane Weier
IJN Minekaze, Kamikaze and Mutsuki class Destroyers - Dan Jones
IJN Momi and Wakatake class Destroyers - Dan Jones
IJN Type 13 Subchaser Tamiya 1/700 - Dan Jones
IJN Yubari Detailing the Tamiya 1/700 kit - Dan Jones
Kriegsmarine Destroyers Part 1
Z Class Destroyers Z1 - Z16
- Dan Jones
Kriegsmarine Destroyers Part 2
Z Class Destroyers Z5 - Z16
- Dan Jones
Kriegsmarine Destroyers Part 3
Z Class Destroyers Z23 - Z30 Narvik Type
- Dan Jones
Kriegsmarine Destroyers Part 4
Z Class Destroyers Z31 onwards
- Dan Jones
Krivak II Skywave 1/700 - Shane Jenkins
Operation Halberd - 1/700 Diorama - Chris Drage
ORP Blyskawica - Mirage 1/400 - Stephen Allen
Retro Modelling - Hasegawa's 1/700 U-Boats - Tim Reynaga
Rodriquez PT50 Hydrofoil - Scratchbuilt 1/72 - Ian Wrenford
R.M Freccia Wave-Line 1/700 - Bob Pearson
USN Liberty Ship - Scratchbuilt 1/350 - Ian Wrenford
USCG Campbell Revell 1/300 - Stephen Allen
USS Arizona - Banner 1/350 - Richard Eaton
USS Twiggs DD-125 - Revell 1/250 - Stephen Allen
USS Enterprise CVN-65 Revell 1/72 - Bert Legaspi
USS Yorktown Revell 1/480 - Stephen Allen
USS Wasp CV-7 scratchbuild in 1/700 - Falk Pletscher
Visiting the Skytrex Factory - John Reid

Modelling hints and tips

Interesting Rigging techiques by Adrian Koh
Paint conversion chart
by Mike Dunn
Resin modelling hints
- by Joe Poutre
RN Humbrol paint chart - Various contributors
Top 10 modelling hints - By Chris Drage

Reference articles

Austro-Hungarian Colours - Falk Pletscher
Bismarck imagery - Fritz Koopman
Blue Funnel Line Steamers - Dan Jones
British Mines in WW I - by John Lambert
The Doxford Standard Design - Dan Jones
Early Bulk Carriers: American Colliers - Dan Jones
The fall of Bali and the naval battle of the Badoeng Strait
- Filipe C. Ramires
German Gunnery Training Ship Bremse - Falk Pletscher
German Light Cruser Neurnberg colours - Falk Pletscher
The Harriman Type: Shipping Board Design 1025 - Dan Jones
The Hog Islanders - Dan Jones

Italian Colours - A first look - Falk Pletscher
Japanese Warship Paints of the Meji Era - Falk Pletscher
Kreigsmarine Camouflage 1939 - 45 - Dan Jones
Maritime History in Miniture -A personal perspective on model ship collecting - By Jim Bloom
MV Edmund Fitzgerald - Dan Jones
OSK Line Freighters - Dan Jones
Scharnorst and Gneisenau Liners - Dan Jones
SS Arundel Castle - Dan Jones
SS Athenia - Dan Jones
SS Ballarat - Dan Jones
SS Empress of Australia - Dan Jones
SS Pennsylvania 1872 - Dan Jones
Ting Yuan, 1881-1895: the Defeated Naval Giant - by Ken Goldman
Tugs - Servants of the Seas - Dan Jones
USS Canberra's Ships Bell - By Mackenzie Gregory
USS Wyoming - The Last Monitor - Dan Jones

Reference Indices

RN Camouflage Books - Index to the WR Press Books
Shane's Shiplist - Index of ship related magazine articles
List of WW One ship kits March 2001 (Download in PDF format) - By Rhinobones

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